Tree Services

Tree Removal

Removing trees is the most dangerous and demanding aspect of what we do. The skills needed to safely remove trees can take a long time to learn completely and safely.

Jim Sweeney is an expert in tree removal. He began removing trees right from the beginning. He has a vast amount of experience to draw on to get a tree down without any damage to your property or the tree climber. Jim has learned that most of the techniques he knows are not always needed. But, when he does need them, they are indispensable.

Tree Trimming

There are three basic reasons to trim trees:

Trees in Neighoborhood - Tree Trimming and Treem Removal Image 1
  • Improve the look of a tree
  • To improve the health of a tree
  • To make a tree more storm resistant

The full beauty of a tree is only available when the structures of branches are visible. Trees simply look better when they are evenly thinned out. 

When a tree is no longer symmetrical, it is preferable to work with what you have instead of trying vainly to make it more evenly shaped. Trimming can improve the appeal of a tree and some general shaping can also help at times.

As far as the health of the tree goes, it will benefit from the removal of dead branches as these can be very damaging – attracting wood-eating insects and different kinds of parasitic fungus and molds. Crossing branches can also be a health issue. When branches cross and rub together it not only interrupts the aesthetic flow of the tree’s scaffolding but also causes wounds to form in the bark.  These open wounds are very attractive to pests.  It is best and least expensive to remove crossing branches when they are small. Over time, as each of the crossing branches gets bigger, so does the problem.

The principle reason for keeping a tree thinned out is to help it weather a storm.  If you can see quite a bit of daylight through a tree’s foliage then it’s a good bet that the wind can slip through without knocking it over. A tree that is too thick is like a wind catcher – it will have a greater chance of suffering a “knockdown.”

Clinton Tree Service trims trees to improve the way it looks, improve its health, or make it more storm resistant.